Base Engineering

Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Estimations, Budget Audit, Investigation On The Spot Specifications, Offers, Contracts Drawing Up Graphical Animations, Surveys.

Executive Engineering

Reliefs, Data Collection, Executive Drawings and Schemes (Mechanical, Pneumatic Etc…), 2D – 3D Executive Drawings, Maths Simulations, Technical Specifications, Parts list, Quality Control, Standardizations, Technical File, Cyclograms, Safety Ergonomics Studies Handbook and Spare Parts, Training As Built Documentations.

Coordination Engineering

Planning and Meeting, Purchase Management General Tests and Inspections, Testing, Shipping Job Site Supervision, Training, Maintenance Programming, Customer-Supplier Interface.

Business Fields

Chemical Fiber and Mineral Fiber

Systems and machines for the fiber production process (cold part) starting from spinning up to storage of the product. Bobbins doffing robot, automatic handling, packaging, palletizing and storage.

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Lines and machines for the “cold working process” in the production of panels and rolls of insulating fibers such as cutters, stackers, packaging machines, palletizers, etc.

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Standard and Special machineries for Picking, Storage, Stacking, Palletizing, Packaging etc.

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Oil & Gas

Material handling systems Pipeline Inspection and Remote Sandblasting, Cleaning, Coating etc.

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Handler, Grippers, Telescopic Cradles, Special Applicators etc.

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Systems and Special Machines

Special lines and machines such as: Laboratory Prototypes, Special Material Packaging, Recycling treatments, Systems of special material handling also in classified areas. Laser markers, Decorators, Coating Systems, Bending Strength Control Systems, Buckle Detector, Stress Test Machine for seats and fabrics etc.

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